DATE 2022

DATE conference is the main European event bringing to­gether designers and design automation users, research­ers and vendors, as well as specialists in the hardware and software design, test and manufacturing of electronic circuits and systems. DATE puts a strong emphasis on both technology and systems, covering ICs/SoCs, recon­figurable hardware and embedded systems, and embed­ded software.

The multi-day event consists of a conference with regu­lar papers, complemented by panels, hot-topic sessions, tutorials, workshops, special focus days and executives. The event will also host the Young People Program, the University Fair and Multi-Partner Projects dissemination on innovative research activities fostering the networking and the exchange of information on relevant issues, re­cent research outcomes and career opportunities.

DATE 2022 is the 25th edition of an event that has been the place for researchers, young professionals and indus­trial partners to meet, present their research, and discuss the current development and next trends, with high em­phasis on social interaction.


For DATE 2022, a special format was planned to bring the community back together after two online editions, trying to find a balance between the uncertain situation and the desire to be partially back in the present. A special programme was organised to start the conference with two days on site, full of outstanding talks and moments of meeting and sharing.

However, the still ongoing situation of Covid 19 infections throughout Europe and the resulting travel and quarantine restrictions imposed by governments, companies and institutions have a strong impact on our health concerns and travel opportunities, both for speakers and participants.

Therefore, after careful consideration, the DATE Steering Committee has decided to make DATE 2022 an entirely virtual event and to move the programme for the first two days online as well.

Nevertheless, there will be a rich and interesting programme, with exciting presentations and conversations between speakers and authors, which will lead to a success of the conference again this year.

DATE 2022

Datum: 14.03.2022 – 23.03.2022 
Ort: digital

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