3D Printshow Limited

In 2012, we brought 3D printing to the global stage as the first dedicated 3D printing event anywhere in the world. We’ve grown from a small public-facing technology show to a global series of events for industry, businesses, brands and consumers with a reputation for high-quality, high-value events.

Much more than just a trade show, 3D Printshow brings together key players from the entire 3D printing ecosystem. From engineers and product designers through to brands and makers, we explore how 3D printing is used, inviting future customers to interact directly with you on our show floor. Regardless of your business, 3D Printshow offers you amazing sales opportunities and the chance to network, collaborate and become part of the global 3D printing community, building inter-industry relationships to strengthen your business as it moves forward.

In 2015, 3D Printshow is entering a period of rapid expansion. Creating a platform for the entire 3D printing /Additive Manufacturing industry, our shows will feature industrial AM machines, desktop 3D printers and everything in between.

From large-scale industrial events to creative and maker-focused shows, we’re looking at where 3D printing is thriving and more importantly, where it is set to grow. With seven shows in seven major cities and a series of 3D Printshow Summits in 2015, we’re creating a truly global presence to match the exponential growth of this incredible industry. 3D Printshow is focused on:

  • Connecting you with key business customers.
  • Connecting you with brands that want to explore / adopt 3D printing.
  • Educating our audience on your latest product developments.
  • Generating global press coverage for your products.
  • Driving business and specialist engagement.
  • Introducing you to potential collaborators.
  • Increasing public awareness of your products.
  • Arranging show social events to help you network & build inter-industry relationships.
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